Flair has been creating eyewear designs of highest aesthetics and perfection in Germany for over 65 years. They have not been readily available in the UK for a number of years but Flair is present in 53 countries and are highly valued by customers all over the world.

With all the passion put into this eyewear, only the finest materials like titanium or our high tech nickel-free Bio Steel are used to ensure the highest elasticity, strength, light weight, comfort and fit.

Worn as a piece of jewellery, the colours used are always based on the latest European fashion trends.

In some frames we use gemstones, like certified Swarovski stones to give those frames an even more elegant look. The facets are precision cut identical to those of diamonds.
Approximately 700 steps are necessary, exactly coordinated to each other, in order to guarantee quality and perfection.
Flair Tehcnology, has a global patent, which is an impressive direct connection between the lens and the side-pieces - without using a hinge.
Pure2 is one of the newest innovations of Flair, it is our lightest frame weighing only 3.7g. The basis of this innovation is the specially developed Flair nylon thread.

Whether you are looking for eyewear to present uniqueness, elegance and glamour, sophistication, self-confidence, dominance, a sportive image, modernity, or many more images, through Flair's wide choice, emphasising characteristics and philosophies, there will be a frame fitting YOUR individual taste and style, without lacking comfort.

Be enchanted by these small and extremely light works of art.




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